Top 3 Seed Stage Mexican Funds

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México is one of the hottest startup markets at the moment, and both VCs and acceleration programs are starting to take notice.

There are 3 main Seed Stage funds  that are right on track: 500 Mexico City, Naranya*LABS, and Alta Ventures.

500 Mexico City, an accelerator and seed stage investment fund. It all started out as, co-founded by David Weekly, César Salazar, and Santiago Zavala.

They quickly picked up momentum and Dave McClure  & Co. at 500 Startups made the move; was acquired  in August 2012, and since then, 500 Mexico City has funded and accelerated 46 startups (not counting´s first batch of 7). The team is still led by César and Santiago, two of the most knowledgeable startup guys in México.

500 Mexico City by the numbers:

46 Startups funded and accelerated.

25k to 250k investing range.

17 companies accepted in the 3rd batch.

200+ mentor network on/offline.

Naranya*LABS, a mobile commerce startup accelerator that forms part of Naranya, one of the biggest mobile commerce companies in Latin America. They are now receiving applications for their 2 batch of startups (applications ending early February).  With a 100% focus on mobile technology, they are aiming to become the world’s leading accelerator in this field.  They recently partnered up with seasoned entrepreneur Ariel Arrieta and his team at NXTP Labs, a startups accelerator with HQ’s in Argentina, and by doing so, the team at Naranya*LABS hopes to gain an edge by learning from the experiences of NXTP Labs, which are now  about to take on their 6th batch of startups.

Take note that, Sales4StartUp’s Victor Rico (Lead Mentor México) is one of the mentors of  of the program.


Naranya*LABS by the numbers:

12 startups will be accepted in the 2nd edition.

40k investment (20k cash + 20k perks).

4 month accelerating program.

6 startups already in their portfolio.


Alta Ventures México,  with the aim of creating a Mexican VC industry, Alta Ventures set foot  in the mexican investment sector a the start of 2011. Led by Rogelio De los Santos and Paul Ahlstrom, Alta has grown to  become one of the leading and  early-stage venture firms in the region. With presence in México, Colombia, and Utah, they provide seed, venture and growth capital for startups focusing in the Health, Technology, Clean Energy, Security, Rising Generation, and Gray Hair sectors. Although Alta does not offer an acceleration program , they have a national and international network of partners that  offer guidance on risk mitigation, growth strategies  and strategic partnerships, among other subjects.


Alta Ventures by the numbers:

20 companies in their portfolio.

50k to 10-20 million investment range.

80 companies have been helped by Alta Ventures.

70 million dollar fund.

Its important to note that 2 out of the 3 funds that were presented in this post, have HQs in Monterrey, México, one of the most important and industrialized cities in México. Folks in Monterrey are definitely leading the way for the VC industry in México.