Top 20 Sales Thought Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter (Part One)

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In the startup world and community, people love to talk about the design and development of their product. Coding, hacking and design often times lead the conversation, but we don’t talk enough about sales and what it takes to sell the product that you’ve designed and developed.

The people we’ve highlighted here are individuals that are making inroads, innovating and creating new processes for selling in the tech industry. This is only a small list of many. We’ll continue to highlight these great leaders and thinkers.

This is part one of a two part blog post. The list is in no particular order, each person here is incredible in their own right.

Aaron Ross


I’m dubbing Aaron Ross as the King of outbound sales, he’s an award winning and bestselling author of Predictable Revenue. The former director of corporate sales at Aaron develop from scratch the framework and process that helped get to its first $100 million in reocurring revenue.

Aaron now CEO and co-founder of Predictable Revenue, Inc. (And proud father) spends his time working with companies helping them grow faster and more predictably.

Mark Roberge


I first met Mark in 2012, he spoke at one of our Sales4Startups events in San Francisco and despite it being the very same night the San Francisco Giants won the World Series we had a packed house- that’s the type of attention Mark commands.

Mark is the Chief Revenue Officer for HubSpot and Signals (a HubSpot product), Sales 2.0 scientist and responsible for increasing HubSpots revenue by 6000% and growing the team from 1 to 450 employees over the course of 6 years.

Matthew Bellows


The CEO of Yesware and responsible for the products vision strategic direction of the company and for sales of it’s product. Matthew is no stranger to art of selling, with more than 10 years of sales experience Matthew brings that knowledge to his company and to his salespeople helping them to close more deals faster.

Prior to Yesware, Matthew was the Vice President of Sales and Consumer Strategy at Vivox, the market leader in voice for digital worlds. He previously served as General Manager and board member at Floodgate, which was acquired by Zynga, and as Founder/CEO of WGR Media, which was acquired by CNET Networks.

Steli Efti


Steli is a passionate and inspiring young entrepreneur. He moved from Greece a few years back to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

CEO and Founder of Elastic Sales which offers startups a sales team on demand and creators of, a sales tool that allows your sales team to make and receive more calls and emails. Steli is an incredibly smart and articulate person and leader and one to continue watching!

Armando Mann


Armando Mann has quite the past and track record when it come sales. Starting as an Intern for Google in online sales and operations to heading Googles inside sales, commerce sales efforts. From there he was poached by Dropbox to be their Head of Sales and most recently serves as VP of Sales and Customer Success for RelateIQ. RelateIQ is a relationship intelligence platform that combines calendar events, smartphone calls and emails from your email provider to augment or replace your CRM / database solution.

Doug Landis


Doug was one of the featured speaks at the Sales Hacker Conference that took place last year- and rightfully so. With his experience for increasing productivity of sales teams on a global level for the likes of Google and Salesforce, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Now the VP of Sales Productivity for Box, Doug works to empower his teams and encourage them to always think, feel and do something different.

Ben Sardella


With 12 years of building successful SaaS sales teams Ben has a long career in developing and pioneering SaaS sales model for a number of leading cloud based software companies. Starting at NetSuite he was a founding member of the sales team that created the SaaS model that help take the company to a successful IPO. Ben has since had a solid career, previously the VP of Sales, Bus Dev and Customer Service at KissMetrics- he’s now moved on to a new venture as Co-Founder of Datanyze.

Ben is also an advisor to Yesware, LaunchTrack and mentor at Launchpad LA

Steve Richard


Co-Founder of Vorsight, and a featured contributor to publication media outlets such as The Harvard Business Review, The Washington Business Journal, The Washington Post, CNN/Money and CNBC. In 2010, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) named Steve as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Inside Sales. In 2013, OpenView listed Steve as a Top 25 Sales Influencer.

Vince Thompson


Founder and Managing partner at Middleshift, a consulting firm dedicated to building revenue for internet companies, Vince started his sales career in Television where he quickly rose to lead sales efforts for ABC TV.

In 1995 his fascination with the internet grew and he started coursework at UCSB to learn more. From this point on Vince was involved with several startups and eventually moved from LA to San Francisco in 1998 when he joined the ThirdAge Media team. From ThirdAge Media he moved on to AOL (the real early days) where he spent seven years and left the company as Regional Vice President of AOL Media Networks.

In 2005 Vince joined Facebook when the company had less than 25 people to help launch its national sales organization, and it’s there where Middleshift’s mission started. In 2006 Middle shift was created with Napster and as their first clients.

Scott Sambucci


Scott is the founder and advisor to SalesQualia, a company dedicated to building sales processes for companies looking to improve their sales performance. Scott is a published author and experienced sales leader who’s built sales teams, crafted sales processes, and built products for two successful start-up companies in Silicon Valley.