SendBloom: Tailored outbound messaging for salespeople.

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The world of b2b sales software feels like it’s taking a giant step towards adapting a lot of the automation that it’s cousin in marketing has leveraged for many years now. Companies like SendBloom, are focused on dynamically tailoring and generating emails using data from the web. Their system now generates a personalized email that is more likely to be opened, read, and acted upon by it’s recipient.

I first connected with Sendbloom Co-Founder Ross Epstein through a Sales4Startups event last year.

Check out our recent interview:

Jorge: How did you get into startups and what did you do before Sendbloom?

Ross EpsteinRoss: This is my third go-around launching a startup. I worked on a daily deal consumer play (back when that was cool) and a mobile merchant analytics platform back in 2010 and 2011, respectively. I’m just graduating from Northwestern University but did a few previous stints in Management and IT Consulting in Chicago.


Jorge: How did the team connect?

Ross: 3/4 of the team are from Northwestern. Amartya Banerjee, Nick Lau, and myself all met in a graduate-level computer science course. David Sneider, from Indiana University, is a childhood friend of mine – we’ve known each other since we were 3.


Jorge: How do you think sales people can leverage automation, software without losing the personal element required for conducting b2b sales?

Ross: There are so many cool companies that are making really great products in this space. Sales automation is a balancing act between saving time and getting a great ROI, and picking good tools is what will separate the two for you. In my opinion, the best way to use sales automation tools is to make sure that the people you’re reaching out to have been sufficiently segmented. There might be a little bit larger of an up-front cost in time but will save you time in the long run. Shameless plug – that’s what Sendbloom does!


Jorge: What does “sales” mean to you?

Ross: Sales used to be all about “ABC – always be closing” at the cost of the customer. This stuck your customers with sub-par products or things that they didn’t even need. Sales, for me, means identifying a problem with a prospect’s current situation, making a valid use case for why your product or service can help them, and ending with a mutually beneficial situation for both you and your customer (i.e. the sale).


Jorge: Who is the ideal user for Sendbloom? What type of companies should leverage it? [SMB, Enterprise, etc]

Ross: Our ideal user is someone who generates new business via email and whose prospects have a web presence. We’ve spanned the spectrum including startups reaching out to Ecommerce sites, established firms reaching out to hospitals, and education platforms reaching out to schools.


Jorge: What is the vision behind Sendbloom and what does it do well?

Ross: Sendbloom is in a great place to become a fully-automated solution for sales. We’re able to analyze the types of people responding, the types of companies they work for, and the right messaging for those people. This will allow our customers to find individuals and leads that they may have never known existed and reach out to them with the correct messaging in mind.


Gmail_logoJorge: Does Sendbloom integrated into 3rd party tools/platforms/CRM?

Ross: We are fully integrated with the Gmail platform (each message sent comes from your email account) and are working our fastest towards other CRM integrations.


Jorge: Anything that you’d like to share with our readers about Sendbloom?

Ross: We’re currently in a closed beta program, but we’d love to hear your use-cases and know how you can leverage our platform to make sales. Please feel free to reach out to me personally,, to chat.