Salesforce IS for Startups!

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We can’t tell you how thrilled we are about deciding to dedicate an entire organization to helping startups succeed. Salesforce’s products have typically been too expensive and “heavy” for early stage startups to adapt. However, it seems that no matter what solution a startup might choose at first, once they start to scale they always almost adopt as their CRM.

Bennett and I were at the Dreamforce 2014 Press Party last week and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ludo Ulrich. Ludo is leading the program along with veteran Mike Kreaden, who’s been with since 2002, Jacob Lehrbaum, who leads the program’s Salesforce1 efforts, and Julia Barrett who comes from the Heroku team.

The program has just been launched and is focused on a number of initiatives all geared around helping startups succeed. They are developing programs that provide startups with an opportunity to leverage many of the products that has to offer in a way that a startup can afford. They are also providing technical and business education, best practices, and resources for us startup folks.

I’d keep an out for updates, as I believe they will be iterating quickly!

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