S4S’s Top 5 Sales Conferences 2014-2015

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Operator: Max Altschuler, Founder and CEO at Sales Hacker Media; B2B Sales Hacking Expert and Thought Leader

Date: November 6, 2014

Location: San Francisco, CA

The Sales Hacker Conference is perhaps the newest conference to hit the industry, however it provides the most innovative insight and products of all the conferences I have been to lately. It is applicable to early stage startups all the way up to fortune 1000 companies.

I believe the Sales Hacker Conference covers such a broad spectrum due to it’s agnostic approach to the technology and experts it features from startups and larger companies. For example, it features speakers and technologies that are competitive within market; however when at the Sales Hacker Conference, they are are joined by the common mission to teach.


Operator: Larry Reeves, CEO at American Association of Inside Sales Professionals; Inside Sales Expert and Thought Leader

Dates: November 6, 2014; February 12; 2015; June 10, 2015; September 10, 2015; November 3, 2015

Locations: Minneapolis, MN; San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Boston, MA; Dallas, TX

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals is the top conference in the world for promoting inside sales content and tools. Every top inside sales expert I know is a part of the AA-ISP and all the top inside sales tools help sponsor these events.

The AA-ISP event I attended was in San Francisco. I found it to be pretty interesting especially around pushing the importance of inside sales and how to configure these types of teams. These events feature some of the top inside sales leaders and thinkers around.


Operator: Marc Benioff, CEO at Salesforce.com

Date: September 15-18, 2015

Location: San Francisco, CA

Although Dreamforce is a mammoth of a party, it is the largest sales conference on planet and has to be mentioned anywhere sales conferences are discussed. It may be that Dreamforce’s popularity is its biggest enemy in that it’s so grandiose that it’s hard to find actionable content.

That said, Salesforce has recently launched a new program focused on startups called Salesforce for Startups, and I’m sure that they are going to be offering segments of content that will be applicable to companies the size of a startup. Additionally you can find booths featuring some cool innovative startup technology. And if you’re willing to pay or get hooked up with free access, there are breakout sessions that can provide you with some focused insight.


Operator: Mark Roberge, CRO at Hubspot

Date: 2015 date TBD

Location: 2015 location TBD

Hubspot has been conducting the Inbound Conference for a few years now. Although historically a marketing automation and inbound marketing focused event, they are now offering sales tools including a CRM.

Additionally, they have been known for doing some very innovative stuff around scaling predictable revenue based sales models/teams so it was just a matter of time until they deployed sales-related offerings. This Boston-based event draws sales leaders from all over and is a great networking event.


Operator: Larissa Gschwandtner VP at Selling Power

Date: March 16, 2015; April 27-28, 2015

Location: Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA

Although I have never attended the Sales 2.0 Conference, I know plenty of its speakers and appreciate the spirit around which it exists and what it promotes. I’m mentioning it here because I know it’s an important conference in our industry.


If you would like to share any upcoming sales conferences please write us today!