S4S Infographic: The Sales Conversation Framework

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The Sales Conversation Framework is a mental and operational framework used to organize, monitor, and control a sales engagement or even entire cycle. This iteration below is focused on explaining the nuances between outbound vs inbound leads. I developed this based on my experiences selling a variety of products over the years and having to also handle multiple prospect types.

I found that no matter how the prospect got to you, it was either an inbound or outbound generated lead. I also found myself tending to forget my selling framework when I didn’t have to cold call or outbound prospect and the lead was inbound; which was not a good habit.

Above is a graphic that I created to keep be focused and allow me to teach others the concept.


Interesting topic, Jorge (@sotoventures). I have a few questions:

- it looks to me like there is little difference, the main one being the source of the lead?

Is it correctly interpreted , that the source of the lead determines how long each part of the  sales conversation is relative to the other parts and that's why the two (inbound and outbound lead source) are equally long!?

Can you compare the individual components from the two lines with each other? For instance, is it fair to wonder (as I am) why the "Close" takes longer when the lead is coming inbound?

I'm assuming you'll say no, but am interested. If you say yes, I'm wondering why the two processes are equally long. In my experience inbound leads close way faster.