Relationship Management Gets Intelligent – CRM for Savvy Professionals

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We’ve heard a lot of people complain about CRM tools and manual data entry, which is why we’re excited about RelateIQ and the future of CRM. Steve Loughlin talks to S4S about what’s been wrong with old CRM solutions and how RelateIQ helps people build better relationships and make smarter decisions.

Steve Loughlin, CEO & Co-founder, RelateIQ
Prior to founding RelateIQ, Steve served for five years as president and CEO of Affinity Circles, a professional social network that connects more than 18 million professionals. He has advised and served as a board member for a variety of companies, including Palantir Technologies, Addepar, RoboteX, Piazza, and Badgeville.

What distinguishes you from other CRM software?
RelateIQ has rethought the concept of relationship management from the ground up. While most CRM systems are static, pretty much serving as databases that require manual data input, RelateIQ automatically aggregates relationship data from email systems, calendars, social networks, and mobile phone calls, entering data for you while you and your team go about your day-to-day business. We give you tools to collaborate on all of that information, and then we add a layer of data science on top of it all to tell you who you should follow-up with next, which companies might be slipping through the cracks, and where you are in danger of dropping the ball.

What do you think has been wrong with CRM in the past, what is the current state of CRM software and how do you see the future of CRM?
It was a big step toward making CRM software more accessible when it transitioned to the cloud, but that’s really where innovation ended. Static databases, poorly received mobile applications, and tedious six-month deployments are all symptoms of what’s wrong with the old solutions. The future of CRM has to leverage existing data, it has to include an exceptional mobile experience, and it should be easily deployable within minutes—not months.

Where does RelateIQ fit in with other software and how do you see it progressing in the future?
RelateIQ is uniquely capable of leveraging existing data to eliminate manual data entry. Our data science products, such as suggested follow-ups that alert you when you’ve forgotten to reply to a question or request, have already proven the value of having all of that data in one place. In the future, we plan to build more data-science-driven tools to help you set priorities, make smarter decisions, and build better relationships every day.

Screenshots of workflow: