Quick Tip: Be an Expert at "NO"

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So you are probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about here. I’ll make this post short and sweet.

Being an expert at NO simply means that you know every reason why a prospect will NOT buy your product and use them to increase the chances they say YES. You have become so intimately aquatinted with hearing NO because you have worked very hard, focused on the basics (calls, demos, meetings, etc), and have heard all the excuses, concerns, etc that prospects give you — this is a GREAT thing.

You should be so good at this that you can begin to look at a prospect’s company size, title, vertical, region, etc — and know the reasons why these types of prospects don’t buy. If you are an expert at this, you can use your knowledge to get around the common issues and focus on the reasons that they might buy. You can also figure out the best times to eliminate these objections. Perhaps it’s before they come up or maybe you simply deal with them confidently if they come up and make them none issues.

The point is know your buyers and non-buyers intimately. Know what, when, how they buy and don’t buy. And the only way you figure this out is by putting in the work and getting through the NOs.

Generally, think of NOs as temporary. If you are calling on qualified prospects, who you know can yield real value from your offering, engage with them honestly, there are very few reasons why you should accept a NO.