Photos: Inside Sales Conference 2014 @ San Francisco, CA

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The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals hosted their Inside Sales Conference in San Francisco, CA this week. I dropped by to check it out, to find a packed house and was pleasantly surprised. They organized the sessions well, focused on reviewing best practices as well as new tools and technology. There were also larger room sessions that acted as Q & A sessions around which the audience can ask a few seasoned sales leaders advice.

As far as vendors, there were the usual suspects such as and As a side note, I am a huge fan of and love their leadership team. Their PowerDialer is awesome. I have not played with is a long time, but I suspect they are doing well, and in view of’s challenges, they should have a lot going for themselves.

Overall, it was cool to be surrounded by so many people that loved the topic of sales. It was clear however, that larger, older companies are new to the ideas that we have been living by within the startup world for years. Inside sales, lead generation, qualification, and the processes that brings all of these together are truly scary and definitely new to the traditional enterprise. Sales experts like Steve Richards of Vorsight, were having private coaching sessions and helping attendees understand how to leverage inside sales.

Anyways, for more info on the AA-ISP check out their website. Here are some photos from my visit: