Outbound Email Automation with QuickMail.io

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Interview By: Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps | @sotoventures


Jorge: How did your founding team meet and what inspired you to launch QuickMail.io?

Jeremy: I’m a one man band actually but I setup 2 master mind groups (one where we meet face to face monthly in my town) and a virtual one on google hang out with other entrepreneurs around the world on a weekly basis. That way I can bounce ideas and get challenged & inspired. QuickMail was inspired by my need to optimize my outbound email process.

At that time, I had a full time job, a family and only 2 hours per day to launch my new venture. The most important activity was talking to people, not sending emails to ask for interviews. I spent 30min (so 25%) of my time sending emails to 20 new people each day and I wasn’t even able to follow up everyone of them. No tool was addressing my need for a complete automated process.

Something had to change, so I created quickmail for my own usage initially. I knew it was working when I had my 30 minutes back and was getting more interviews.


Jorge: What is your professional background and what excited you into becoming an entrepreneur?

Jeremy: I’m an engineer at heart. I worked 10 years in video games and 6 in finance. I’ve always have been a strong independent. In all the 12 companies I worked for I always managed to have a special position where I could do what I wanted. When that didn’t work, I just moved on.

What frustrated me most was that I could not go as fast as I wanted. I knew I needed to build my own company for that. I just didn’t know how. Now I figured out and I love every second of it.


Jorge: -I love to ask this question: what does sales mean to you?

Jeremy: It’s very simple, for me, sales means figuring out what people want to buy and provide it to them.


Jorge: Do you see any differences between cold calling in European countries versus the U.S? Do you believe that email has perhaps created a culturally agnostic cold calling channel? – I ask because I keep hearing stuff like: “cold calling is an American thing — we don’t do this is X country”

Jeremy: This may be true, I would say 4 things to that:

1st: most of my clients are from the US and I don’t really care if I only solve a US market problem as long as I solve someone’s problem.

2nd: every business need more leads, cold-emailing, or cold-calling are just different ways to achieve that. 3rd: I have many European successful clients.

4th: most successful campaigns are the one trying to open a relationship, not close a sale. And I think Europeans are receptive to that too although the way of doing business after first contact differs.


Jorge: What does QuickMail.io do and how can sales people leverage it’s power?

Jeremy: QuickMail put simply is a tool to help you get more responses from your outbound emails. For that, QuickMail leverages the power of follow-ups and uses your own inbox to send emails as if you send them yourself. Savvy sales people and organisations using quickmail manage to have the top of their funnel completely automated.

They load QuickMail with prospects and let it contact X number of prospect each day. That way they can just focus on the responses they get. This saves enormous time.


Jorge: Does QuickMail.io feature an CRM integrations?

Jeremy: We integrate with CRM supporting Zapier (meaning pretty much all of them). Check out Zapier.com


Jorge: What advice would you give early stage B2B tech founders around what NOT to do early on?

Jeremy: It’s much harder to sell your ideas than it is to sell what people want to buy. There is only 1 thing to do at early stage B2B: talk to your prospects.


Jorge: How is the B2B startup community evolving in Zürich Area and what are some of your favorite startups?

Jeremy: Zurich is slow. Most people are risk averse (it’s Switzerland…). The few startups that really do something are rare and very technolgy focus.

Some managed to actually build something people want to buy. I like the people and story behind http://www.getyourguide.com/ and http://www.dacuda.com/


Jorge: Outside of QuickMail.io, what are your favorite sales and CRM tools?

Jeremy: Though one. For sales tool, I would go for live chat widget (I use Olark). You put on your site and people can talk to you live. Nothing is more valuable than being close to your prospects and users.


Jorge: If someone wanted to use QuickMail.io what’s the pricing like and how can they signup?

Jeremy: We currently have 2 plans: $67/mo for the pro version and $37/mo for the basic one. I’m currently working on the team edition for sales teams.

Whoever is interested can go to the home page and start the 14 days trial.