One of the Biggest Sales Mistakes, but Also One of the Easiest to Fix

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One of the most common conversations we have at FOHBOH is talking to a tech startup executive dissatisfied with the traction they are getting with their potential customers in the restaurant industry. It’s not an easy conversation to have. These are smart, hardworking and passionate people that simply aren’t achieving what they need to achieve.

The big question is obviously “Why?” Why is a great product, built and marketed by a great team, not getting the traction it deserves? Unfortunately, everything becomes clear as soon as we ask the executive to give us the pitch: the focus is on features, not substance. Don’t get me wrong – features should definitely factor into your pitch – but the problem is that features aren’t the talking points – the end results for your potential customer’s business are.

To use my industry as an example again, a restaurant owner/manager could care less about the cloud technology behind an online ordering solution, but they’ll be very interested in the increased sales it could produce for his or her restaurant. The focus should not be on what your app or service is or does in and of itself, but what it does for the user.

How does a salesperson fix this? Simple. Next time you pitch, just remember this saying: “Stop telling me about your fertilizer, and start talking to me about my lawn.”