Nancy Nardin Explains How to Improve Your Sales Efficiency

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Nancy Nardin
Nancy Nardin is the President of Smart Selling Tools. Named one of the top 25 sales bloggers in the world by HubSpot and recently recognized in Forbes as a Top 30 Social Sales Influencer, she’s considered a top expert on tools that increase sales productivity and revenue.
Her site ( has won numerous awards for educating sales and marketers about tools and ranks among the Top 50 most retweeted by B2B Marketers. Nancy produces a free weekly newsletter that’s read by more than 30,000 sales and marketing professionals.  She is also the co-founder of Hushly.
In my interview with Nancy, she discusses valuable sales lessons such as:
  • What she learned from being in B2B tech sales for more than 25 years from the days of selling the first laptops with Grid
  • How to deal with increasingly complex sales cycles with more decision makers weighing in before every sale
  • How to perform a sales energy audit on your business like UPS did with “left turns,” saving them 9 million gallons of fuel a year
…and more! For the rest of the interview, watch here: