Lisa Magnuson: How to close million dollar sales

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Lisa Magnuson of Top Line Sales discusses the skills and strategies salespeople need for getting “must-win deals.”


Lisa Magnuson, sales strategist and founder of Top Line Sales, LLC, helps high potential and top performing sales people, sales leaders and business owners who sell land larger deals, improve close ratios and expand business. Additionally, Lisa has developed methodologies, tools and proven approaches to enable sales people to capitalize on customer interactions resulting in top line revenue growth.  Lisa has developed over 75 tried and true sales tools including Assessments, Calculators, Guides, and Worksheets – all designed to improve sales success. Lisa is passionate about her mission to help her clients ‘win’ more business.

Founded in 2005, Top Line Sales has a proven track record of helping clients, large and small, ‘win’ critical contracts.

Lisa has over 30 years of successful sales, sales consulting and executive management expertise. Lisa brings her know-how, gained from ten years as a professional sales consultant to clients; in addition to working for Fortune 500 companies Xerox Corporation and IKON Office Solutions.

Lisa is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) and applies these concepts to all her training and coaching engagements.

Lisa is a published author of the following books:

  •  “The 48-Hour Rule and Other Strategies for Career Survival“. (2002)
  •  “3 Secrets to Increase Sales with Existing Customers” (2013)
  •  “The Simple Executive Engagement Plan” (2014) (Includes a book, workbook, templates and video guide.)

What is a TOP Line Account? A ‘TOP Line Account’ is your biggest and best prospect and/or current customer poised for expansion.  Sometimes referred to as a ‘Million Dollar Deal’ (which might be 100K or 10m+ depending on your business); these top opportunities are complex in nature and require a strategic approach and framework.