Iron Man Suits for Salespeople by Steli Efti

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Tony Stark might be a superhero – but he’s unlike most of his crime fighting friends in that his superpower does not come from a genetically altered spider, but from technology. Sales people have increased their powers with the use of technology ever since the invention of the telephone, which gave them reach way beyond their local limitations.

Today, I want to share some of the most cutting edge technologies available for sales people. If used correctly and consistently, they can empower an Iron Man like transformation and make you a sales superhero.


CRM Superpowers:

• Helps you remember 10,000 different contacts emails, phone numbers and addresses

• Helps you see the future revenue you’re going to make and visualize your entire pipeline

• Empowers you to infinite memory about every customer interaction ever made

Top Tools:

1. ( ok I’m super biased here, but what can you do :)

2. Pipedrive

3. Highrise


Email Tracking Superpowers:

• Empowers you to mind-read who is opening and reading your emails

• Gives you infinite follow up powers

Top Tools:

1. Yesware

2. ToutApp



Web Meeting Superpowers:

• Empowers you to teleport to any place on earth to make a presentation

• Gives you control over other peoples computer screens to demonstrate things

Top Tools:

1. Dozeo


3. ClearSlide


Keep in mind: with great power comes great responsibility. You have to select wisely which tools to use and how to put them all together into your sales superhero technology suit. But once you got it right, your past sales limitations are gone and the future revenue possibilities seem endless.



Post By: Steli Efti, Founder and CEO at Elastic Sales creators of

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