Innovative Start Up Spaces // Livefyre HQ San Francisco

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For better or for worse, San Francisco is a breeding ground for startup companies.  We would like to present a look inside of the startup culture and what it entails. Specifically Livefyre - their product, sales process and what makes a great sales leader.

What is Livefyre’s product and value proposition?

Livefyre helps brands, media companies and agencies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation and social advertising. With Livefyre, brands can integrate real-time social content into their websites, mobile apps, advertisements, jumbotrons and television broadcasts to increase viewer engagement, boost website traffic and drive revenue.

Livefyre’s StreamHub™ platform powers the most comprehensive suite of real-time applications on the market, including LiveChat™, LiveBlog™, LiveComments™, LiveMediaWall™ and LiveReviews™. With StreamHub Curate, you can aggregate, filter and display social content from social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, while easily moderating what is displayed in real-time. This content can be seamlessly integrated into websites, mobile apps, advertisements or live displays to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

For those looking to build custom experiences, StreamHub also enables the rapid development and customization of real-time, social apps, with a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, developer documentation and sample code that utilize Twitter data already streaming through our system.

Who do you sell to and why do they buy? Who are your competitors and why are you better?:

Livefyre works with more than 250 of the world’s leading digital publishers, media companies and brands including American Idol, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, CBS, Conde Nast, FOX Sports, NASCAR, Showtime and The New York Times. Our competitors include Mass Relevance, and Disqus, however Livefyre is the only complete platform offering apps for both real-time conversation and social curation. Livefyre was also the only real-time platform featured in Forrester’s Wave: Social Depth Platforms 2013.

What are the notable differences between your sales process today versus the early days?:

With over 80 employees in offices around the globe, Livefyre is constantly expanding into new markets. Successful salespeople on our team need to be able to think strategically and map the most appropriate solutions to the needs of each client. We have worked hard to create a comprehensive and expeditious sales on boarding training process so that sales executives are trained and selling within 30 days of employment and we are now scaling the sales organization significantly with experienced sales executives.

How important is CRM to your sales process? What system do you use? Do you use any other tools?

We use a combination of and Confluence for CRM, both of which are central to the success of our team. There’s a general rule we operated under…”if it isn’t in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist”. We’ve worked hard to minimize channel conflict among our sales channels and our sales team is dedicated to working at a very high level of operational excellence to deliver for our customers.

What are the top 3 attributes of a great sales leader?

A clear understanding of our products with a passion for Livefyre’s mission to power social everywhere, an ability to connect with prospects and a tenacious desire and ability to empathize with their needs and deliver solutions that drive real business value for the client.

What is your international strategy?

Livefyre is already aggressively expanding internationally in 2013, with exciting announcements coming soon.

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