Inbound Sales Development with Zenefits’s Bryan Beard

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Inbound Sales Development:

Jorge: How do you typically structure compensation for SDRs when dealing with inbound leads?

I’ve compensated my reps in the past based on qualified leads passed along and then what we’ve called an “assist” which is basically about .5% of the deal IF it closes.

What are your thoughts?


Bryan: As for inbound SDRs, I recommend compensation based on a flat rate based on demos that are converted to an opportunity, and that’s it.

I don’t like compensation based on closed deals because:

-They don’t have any control over that.

-They’re too early in the sales cycle to really understand which deals will close or not, so I’d rather not have them making those value judgments.

-I don’t want them to prioritize large prospects when a large part of our revenue comes from smaller clients.

-I don’t want them playing favorites with the “better” reps for lead assignment.