Implisit’s Founder on End of CRM Data Entry

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Interviewee: Gilad Raichshtain, Founder and CEO at Implisit

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps


Jorge: What does Implisit do and what was the motivation for launching the product?

Gilad: Implisit helps organizations sell better, by leveraging customer communication to fully update CRM records and provide managers with real-time accurate picture of their pipeline. We developed a system that integrates emails with the CRM platform, and through data-science and big data algorithms, is able to automatically update leads, contacts and opportunities. We leverage this data to provide managers with tools that directly impact revenue, such as identifying opportunities at risk and best performing sales reps.

The motivation for launching Implisit was a challenge I faced while working in previous organizations. I love data and appreciate the value of being able to make data-driven decisions. However, keeping CRM continuously updated with current data has been a consistent challenge.

Our goal was to have a CRM that is continuously updated automatically without the need of any human intervention. We also realized that almost all of our data was already in our emails and calendars, so if we could build an intelligent engine that would scan all those emails and analyze them, we could have a fully updated CRM. That was basically, how we started Implisit.


Jorge: Who is the ideal user within the sales organization?

Gilad: We help both sales reps and sales managers. Sales reps love Implisit because we help them save hours per week of tedious CRM updates and they can finally focus entirely on selling. Managers love Implisit because, for the first time, they can really trust their pipeline as it is always complete and up-to-date.


Jorge: I noticed you integrate with both and Microsoft Dynamics. Why did you decide to integrate with these?

Gilad: Our goal is to help as many organizations as we can. Implisit is a cloud solution and the two most popular CRM cloud platforms are and Microsoft Dynamics.


Jorge: What are Implisit’s “killer features”?

Gilad: We have several “killer features” that we’ve developed based on our proprietary data-science and big data algorithms and technology.

Automated CRM updates: This is where the magic happens. We analyze your customer’s communications and can intelligently and automatically update the relevant CRM records – lead, contact and opportunity.

Actionable insights: We provide powerful insights and reports on top of the data entered. For example, which sales opportunities are at risk due to lack or negative communication. Another example is which sales reps get the most replies from customers.

Supports any device: We integrate with email servers, which enables us to support any device (mobile, tablet, PC or Mac), and enables us to offer a fully automated solution – no need to click on any buttons, or to check any boxes.


Jorge: What have you found has been the most challenging aspect of building Implisit?

Gilad: There are many solutions in the market but none of them is fully automatic, as each of them requires some sort of human intervention. The advantage in having full automation is that the data captured is not at the discretion of the Sales rep. However, it is extremely challenging to build an intelligent engine that runs 100% automatically.

CRM data is dirty, partial and unstructured. You need to build algorithms that can handle this, while at the same time keep the privacy of the reps and adjust to the way that the organization works. Developing the smart and innovative technology behind Implisit has been the biggest challenge.

It is rewarding to see that today our intelligent engine serves hundreds of companies and provides superior results.


Jorge: What is the aspect of selling do you see most companies struggle with?

Gilad: Every sales organization has things that work, and other things that don’t work. The challenge that most companies face is that they don’t know how to do more of the things that work and less of the things that don’t work. In order to analyze what’s working and what’s not, companies need data and analytics—which is not always available and accurate.

I think that in the near future, sales organizations would become significantly better by using intelligent algorithms to act on their entire data.

Then, instead of searching for insights buried in reports, organizations would simply receive real-time insights whenever important customer- facing activities take place, and will be able to act on them.


Jorge: What do you believe are the biggest issues with CRM and sales automation today? And what will be the future of CRM?

Gilad: I believe one of the biggest issues with CRMs today is CRM adoption, which today is highly affected by users’ motivation and knowledge. If we go back to the roots of why companies implement CRMs, it is to provide management visibility, especially from a forecasting perspective. When a deal gets into the CRM just before it closes or gets lost, it undermines the goal of a CRM, because then management is “surprised”.

The future of CRM would include a new layer of intelligence. This layer would have access to all the sales data all the time. And it will be smart enough to cut through the noise and pick just the relevant information in regards to a deal. It’s a combination of being able to process all the raw data and then to filter it out to just the meaningful business information that is related to a deal.

This would result in a “perfect CRM”, a CRM that constantly represents exactly the current status of company. The sky is the limit with what you could do at that stage.


Jorge: Who would you consider your primary competitors?

Gilad: We are quite unique at what we do. We have several competitors in the space and the primary ones are InsideSales and Yesware. However, they focus more on updating emails to your CRM. What is unique about Implisit is that it drives insights out of email data and let’s you make more informed, data-driven decisions.


Jorge: Anything else you’d like to share about Implisit? Gilad: I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about our technology and service.

And I’d love to invite you to try Implisit – all you have to do is spend 2 minutes to activate your free trial at: