How to do an Elevator Pitch

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Here’s one I put on my blog earlier this month –  If you’ve ever been given 30 seconds to answer the questions “What do you do?” you already understand the importance of having a quick, concise and memorable intro. I’ll give you mine and then break the components down so you can see the theory behind the verbiage:

“What I do – is use the Internet … to make the phone ring; or make people walk into your business. I’m not a ‘Web Guy’ so I do NOT need you have a terrific website; or even a website at all for that matter.

“I get my clients because they’re frustrated at putting so much effort into Google or Facebook or Twitter or Yelp – and it doesn’t seem to help them SELL MORE of whatever they’re into. That’s what I do, and I’m really good at it :-)

“The most common kind of client for me is someone who owns their own business – who has a great reputation because they are awesome at what they do – and wants their phone to ring more.”

There are a couple of elements that are worth pointing out here – read the original posts with all the tips at my blog here.