How Sales Reps Can Craft Powerful Cold Emails

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Want to start writing more effective cold emails?

Stop expecting your prospects to indulge you with a demo call or offering their opinion and start providing real value in your emails. Take your time crafting smarter and more personal emails. Be curious. Be vulnerable. Be genuine.

Then you’ll start to see your response rate double or even triple.

I discuss all this and more in my interview with Jeff Hoffman about how sales reps can craft powerful and effective cold emails.

Jeff Hoffman is a renowned sales consultant and coach who helps industry leaders transform their sales organizations such as Google and Hubspot by teaching them the art and science of sales. Jeff also creates sales curriculum for MIT/Sloan, Harvard Business School, and more.

Also discussed in the interview:

  • The tradeoff between speed and conversion rates for email & how to get the both of both worlds
  • What’s the perfect size of a cold email
  • What the BEST and WORST cold email he’s ever seen looks like
  • How to craft intelligent sales questions to engage your prospects

…and more! Watch the interview to hear the rest:

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