How A Scrappy Startup Sells Inside Salesforce

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Learn how to make your sales team more scrappy and effective at any stage:

Pardot went from trying to sell an unknown product by educating a virgin market about marketing automation software to continuing to sell like a scrappy-startup inside

In this interview, I talk with Pardot’s VP of Sales Derek Grant and #1 Evangelist Matthew Sweezey about Pardot’s journey.

You’ll learn:

  • How Pardot went from trying to educate prospect about a product no one ever heard about
  • Why competition can actually help your sales and marketing costs
  • Where the future of marketing automation software is heading
  • Why startups should have their sales people be “deer hunters” instead of hunting elephants
  • What Pardot’s sales cycle looks like today
  • Demand Gen Expert Matt Sweezey’s top tips for content strategy and sales education
  • How to maximize LTV

…and more! Listen to the interview to hear the rest:

(It’s a little long, but definitely worth the listen!)