High-quality tactics: a method to regulate essay crafting process

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High-quality tactics: a method to regulate essay crafting process a particular.an individual Organizational Overview Very small and medium-sized enterprises are non-subsidiary, impartial organizations which benefit from a lot less as opposed to ordinary granted diversity of staff members. In Europe, the specified assortment of SME staff is 250, The united states, the destination you can find significantly less than 5 hundred in addition to other nations less than 200 staff (Bayar & Chemmanur, n.d) The aforementioned description of an SME fits ar18 based on its few amount of employees as recommended by the United Kingdom market. Ar18 is a small-scale and medium-sized UK company that deals with production of various types of high quality retail furniture, display stands, reception desks among other items (ar18, 2017). The company was started in 2003 and has grown in terms of size, variety of workforce and the customer base. Collaborating with Saudi Airlines Catering in detail will 2 allow it to attract more customers and enjoy high profit margins in the market. As a global organization, Saudi Airline will help ar18 transport and at the same time market their products, thus increase their market share. a particular.2 Organizational Problem It is apparent that since its inception, ar18 has struggled to penetrate other markets apart from the UK.pay for my essays Overdependence on the UK market has negatively affected the company as turbulent economic times have led the company making significantly fewer profit (McGee and Thomas 2010). The organization needs to take certain practices that will help them expand in Saudi Arabia via Saudi Airlines Catering. The implication here is that ar18 ought to undertake proposals by Saudi Airlines Catering to effectively stay relevant on the market and at the same time make profits through a collaboration point of view. Business structure As a slight and medium-sized enterprise, ar18 company has a flat business structure. This is due to the few levels of job cadres in the organization. With few numbers of staff members, ar18 3 has significantly less reporting lines. It helps the company to create a harmonious working environment where by by every employee feels appreciated for their job. The few reporting lines have also enabled the managers and their juniors to be closer making it very easy for supervision (Scholes et al 2014). Fundamentally, it will likely to be prudent to associated with Saudi Airlines Catering with the objective to increase their market share. 1.3 Financial analysis The company being a very small medium-sized enterprise has been making modest profits in respect to its size and reach in the UK and the entire world. Since it was started, ar18 has been making profits though considerably much less compared with formidable suppliers in the market (Johnson, Whittington, and Scholes 2011). Based on the perspective that Saudi Airlines Catering is one of the biggest firm that contribute towards its success, coordinating with them will benefit the market on the basis of a wide market. Saudi Airlines Catering presence in ar18 will generate positive results as its services will probably be shared globally wherein it operates. a person.4 HR Within the UK market, ar18 is known for high quality human resource as it attracts young designers and engineers offering them training to improve their capacity. It is due the high quality of training that the company has the optimal staff members in the furniture industry. The company offers competitive packages leading to highly motivated folks. In this regard, 4 it could very well be said that ar18 has the correct talents and expertise for Saudi Airlines Catering to invest in for profits are bound to be attained. just one.5 Brand Ar18 is a reputable brand in UK and Europe. The company’s products are used in some of the largest companies in the whole world. The brand is strong and the company can use the network with other organisations in the entire world to enhance its sales revenues. The strong reputation of the company are usually used as an advantage to venture into other markets or to strategically for alliances with likeminded suppliers in the whole world. a particular.6 Product analysis Ar18 produces lots of products ranging from furniture to stands. The company has positioned itself as a a particular stop shop for all the interiors. In this regard, a customer can easily purchase furniture and its accompaniment from the company’s store. Investing in such a company will ultimately contribute significantly towards Saudi Airlines Catering. 5 a particular.7 Online and social media presence In the modern earth, online presence is considered to be a vital aspect for any company that wants to excel (Buckley and Casson 2010). Majority of regular people prefer to buy their products and services through online channels. It is on this basis that many establishments approximately the planet are positioning themselves strategically to attract the large volumes of people today using the internet. Ar18 is present in varied social media channels like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. The company interacts with the public through these channels. Customers and the public can ask any query or complaint through the social media channels. Prompt reply from the company has seen many visitors prefer to reach the company through social media. Ar18 also advertises through online channels like social media and the company’s website. Similarly, customers can purchase the company’s product through online means. The paths used to interact with the market are also practiced in Saudi Airline Catering, thus a positive investment for the Organizations market share. 2 Situational Analysis (external) 2.one particular Industry Saudi Airlines Catering intends to invest/ purchase ar18, which operates in the furniture industry. There are certainly obviously many players in the industry mostly dominated by larger firms with global presence. The industry is mature making it hard for new entrants to have any major impacts to the market dynamics. Prices in this industry are set by the economic forces as you can find no single player who controls a large market share to dictate the prices. The presence of many firms in the market, means that differentiation is a crucial aspect in enhancing the make share. Therefore, Saudi Airlines Catering will play a crucial role as it has a global market, thus are going to be in the position to sell the company in a wider market. 2.2 Customer analysis There exists two main types of customers for Ar18. The first category includes the business customers. These are institutions that purchase Ar18 products and those that contract the company for different tasks. For instance, suppliers like Sainsburys and Audi contract ar18