Guest Post: App Store Optimization is the New SEO

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Making a great app is awesome. Getting users to download it is awesome-r. And the holy grail of all awesomeness is getting users to download, use, and talk about your app.

But all these checkpoints seem a little daunting when you consider the average iOS and Android user only downloads three to five apps per month. And of those, 26% are opened only once and never used again, and another 48% are opened 10 times or less.

The first rule to mobile user acquisition is: User acquisition happens before it begins. What we mean by this Confucian saying, is that you have to understand your end goals before you build the process for attracting users. For example, are you trying to get users to just download you app, never to look at it again? Are you trying to build a community? Are you trying to promote a complementary product or service? Your end user goal dictates your approach to app store optimization.

Now that you’ve fully formed your user end-goals, it’s time to get some users! This happens through a process of app store optimization and promotion (notice I said “process”, implying the importance of adjusting your methods in response to data from trends and overall app trends).

When operating in the confined space of a mobile screen, every detail counts. In fact, not only is the app store foreign territory for many, but there is really no blanket rule of thumb when it comes to optimization. Apps are all different. App stores are all different. And most frustratingly, app store algorithms are closely guarded secrets by Apple, Google, etc.

So what is App Store Optimization? Better known as ASO, it is basically what SEO is for websites, in the app store. You get the right formula of keywords, description, app name, screenshots, and reviews to motivate your target users to download. From our experience, monthly you should be getting $300-$600 in sales from just app store optimization. With promotion, our clients have seen CPIs down 15x.

Creating the perfect environment for app success doesn’t have to come at a huge cost. It takes a good understanding of the app store and consistency in tracking and adjusting your strategies.

For further guidance and advice on navigating your app store optimization, follow the link below.

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