The Game of Advancing the Sale

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S4S Tip By: Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps


It always baffles me when I speak to sales people who don’t have a solid understanding around what the steps in their sales process are as well as what it takes to advance the sale at each step. In its most basic form, I like to think of sales as a step-by-step process.

Top sales people have a detailed understanding of what it takes to advance their sale and what possible variables can surface to block a sale from advancing.

When I say variables that can block a sale from advancing, I’m not only talking about objections or deal blockers, I’m talking about getting super granular. I’m talking about understanding what it takes to get a prospect to answer your email or sign up for your product.

You should have an intimate understanding of what drives prospects to listen to you or why they buy; you should even go as far as understanding what they would need to experience for them to renew!

I am a huge proponent of having specialized roles with a sales organization. For example, having certain reps focused on qualifying inbound leads and others setting up appointments for more senior sales reps. However, it’s imperative that all sales reps understand the entire sales cycle/process even if they only focus on a certain aspect of it.

Recommended Activity: What are your steps?

Sales4StartUps Steps Map
Sales4StartUps Steps Map

Activity Details: Draw or map out the steps in your sales process. Then within each step think about the actions that you need to engage in to advance the sale from one step to the other.

You might find this document helpful and even be able to write within it.