Field Sales Startup Badger Mapping Releases — The Planner

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According to Founder and CEO Steven Benson: “Badger makes planning customer interactions in the field easier for reps who can now optimize a schedule for the day or week in a way that makes sense when you look at it on a map. Reps using Badger get more sales because Badger organizes their time in field.

It also calculates the timing, drive times, and directions of all the appointments. With more efficient routing, salespeople get 25% more done in a day, spend less time driving, and sell more by getting more meetings with current customers.”

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I'm a long time user of Badger. Implementing the planner feature has been amazing. All my stops are automatically imported into my calendar so I don't accidentally schedule anything on top of any of my stops. They've also released a new version (the first in a while- YAY) that has "Route Mode" which makes routing much easier. Strong recommend. Big fan.