New CRM Product Overview Video:

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We’ve featured a bunch of content lately on not only because the founders are really great people and inspiring entrepreneurs, but because the product really rocks. Below is an overview video that further describes the product.

Although they have a long way to go to displace systems like, they already feature meaningful functionality that are lacking in competitors. Believe it or not, the following features are not easy to setup in and require customization work and purchasing other systems that need to be integrated:

  • 2-Way Email Integration
  • Call Audio Recording
  • Voice Calls

Two of the many cool things that does really well is managing voice calls and what they call “Smart Views”. allows you to make, receive, log, and track all your voice calls! For all your real sales people out there that prospect and manage deals via phone, you can appreciate how amazing this feature is. No longer do you have to spend massive amounts of time entering low quality notes from voice calls; this system does it for you.

“Smart Views” show you records based on activities around records that were not done, need to be done, etc. They are a great way of never losing track of the business that you are working on.

Screenshot of Audio Calls and Smart Views features:



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