Can the recent riots around Brazil change the mindset of entrepreneurs?

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Last June, Brazil had its greatest social mobilization in decades. More than 1 million people took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the government. And finally a specific group that was out of our eyes and ears participated in the protests: the entrepreneurs.

As a Brazilian, I have seen that the Participation of the business community is due to the large increase in people trying to do business in the country and who are experiencing difficulties that the government imposes for them. Difficulties that make it more difficult to undertake in Brazil than it already is. The main difficulties are in the areas of logistics, tax and labor obligations. Now, finally, entrepreneurs are questioning the government and asking for better conditions to undertake. In short they are asking for less amateurism and more professionalism.

Brazil undergoes a maturing in the market enterprise and we’re finally at a stage where many people are looking to start their own business. An essential feature to undertake is starting to get high among Brazilians: self-esteem. Brazil itself was always too afraid to fail, and this has made many people stop investing in its ideas.

Another interesting point of the riots was that they showed that Brazilians no longer tolerate incompetence in public administration. For years we have been delivering excellent results for various multinationals in the country, but where are our global companies? The Brazil has practically no strong brands globally, such as South Korea (Samsung, Hyundai, LG, etc).

Many entrepreneurs complain that the failure of government administration and the irregularity in incentives and investments, are the major cause of this lack of innovation and competitiveness of Brazilian products. Despite it all, we are trying and some good things are arising. These difficulties forced us to be more creative – now its time for this creativity to shape the perfect environment to spread innovation.

What is clear is that the protests showed that Brazilians are more interested in developing the country. The entrepreneurial spirit of Brazilians is finally beginning to emerge. The awakening of faith and courage now is real to young entrepreneurs, particularly for anyone who dares to be a successful businessman. Let’s hope that these characteristics continue growing stronger between us.

Brazilians are witty,and now with the recent visit of the Pope, it seems that our energies are renewed. The truth is that the greatest legacy of these riots is that we saw that the power is in our hands.

As the famous saying goes: the fear of losing takes away the desire to win.

Thank God this is changing.