Breaking through the Vendor Noise

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Think about it for a second. You have been corresponding via email with a prospect and they seem to be engaged. You receive a cordial reply every few days but nothing has close and you’re don’t know much about the prospects real ability and intent to buy.

Harsh Reality:

You are one of many vendors that have been relentlessly approaching this prospect; mostly via email, phone, and social media channels. Your prospect’s inbox is flooded, they can barely keep up with their own internal emails and now you are expecting them to respond to you and moreover you expect them to pay enough attention to understand the value of your product and make a buying decision.

How do you break through?

There is no exact science here but I have found that there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be transparent – I like to be open about wanting to be efficient with time and wanting to drive towards an outcome. Be open about the fact that they might spend some time speaking with possible vendors and that you are different. You don’t waste people’s time and are focused on adding value.
  • Pick up the phone! – Do NOT be afraid of picking up the phone. If there is a number, make the call, and connect in a more personal way; if you connect, you are no longer a “spammer sales person” or automated email.
  • Keep in short and sweet – Do NOT write long emails or waste time on the phone. Email is just the conduit between making contact (a touch point) and setting up a meeting. That meeting will either be on the phone, SKYPE, etc or in person.
  • Drive towards the next step – Every time you send an email, make a call or meeting you should be focused, respectful of the prospect’s time, and drive towards mutually beneficial, effective next step.

Get creative, be different! — It will make the difference!