Sales4Startups or “S4S” is an international organization focused on teaching technology startups all about sales.

Sales4StartUps is a organization of startup sales veterans, experts, and enthusiasts focused on teaching founders and early employees how to sell and build sales processes. We do this through events, workshops, and digital content. S4S also publishes and distributes content via blogs, social media, and other digital channels. We are not traditional consultants, we are startup guys and gals with over 50 years of collective experience in the B2B tech space who have a passion for selling. We do now offer sales process and CRM consulting for early stage startups. We are headquartered in the amazing city of San Francisco with offices in Austin, TX, Colombo Sri Lanka, and Mexico City, Mx, with mentors all over the U.S and Latin America.

Team and Contributors

  • Jorge Soto

    Jorge Soto

    Founder, CEO, and Editor

    Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps and Serial Entrepreneur. Jorge has sold everything from consumer products door-to-door to enterprise software. He has also built and managed inside sales teams to door-to-door sales teams.

    He built the inside sales team at MoPub which was acquired by Twitter in 2013 and is a leadership and motivation content nut. Jorge went to The Florida State University for his undergraduate and graduate school studies. Loves his parents dearly and likes yoga and biking.

  • Bennett Phillips

    Bennett Phillips

    Co-Founder, Workshop Facilitator, and Contributor

    Bennett Phillips is Co-founder of Sales4StartUps and a Partner at sales strategy consulting firm, Advantage Performance Group. Bennett has a passion for creating and delivering learning experiences that engage people, help them think differently, and foster collective intelligence. He believes training should be memorable and it should mimic the creative process. In his own words: “If you go back to selling the same way you were before spending a day in the classroom with me, I haven’t done my job.”

  • Jason Vargas

    Jason Vargas

    Co-Founder, Contributor

    Jason Vargas, Co-Founder at Sales4StartUps and Managing Director of Outbound Sales at Datanyze. Jason is a serial entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Jon Woodroof

    Jon Woodroof

    Sales Consultant and S4S Trainer - Amsterdam

    Jon has nearly a decade of experience selling products and services to companies across industries like L&D/HR, App/Software Consulting, Translation and Localization and even B2C selling in the Cycling industry back when he ran his own bike shop. Jon has grown to love sales and thrives on sharing his experiences to guide others and help them find what works best for their organization. He is available at daily, weekly and monthly rates for sales his personal consulting.

  • jamesepember

    James Pember

    CEO and S4S Trainer - Stockholm

    James is a startup sales enthusiast and CEO at Sparta which is a sales performance and gamification software for companies serious about reaching their potential. Sparta helps companies double their activity levels and increase quarterly results by 10% on averag

  • Julio Hernandez

    Julio Hernandez

    Sales & Leadership Coach, S4S Trainer Nashville, Los Angeles, Miami

    Julio partners with business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals to help them grow sales and increase their quality of life.

    From Top 100 companies to brand new start ups, he’s coached sales leaders around the globe in industries including financial services, insurance, real estate, mortgage, banking, IT, healthcare, construction, publishing, tourism, direct sales, network marketing, auto, and manufacturing among others.

  • Todd Perzel

    Todd Perzel

    Head of EMEA Operations

    Prior to relocating to Budapest, Hungary (August 2014) Todd built a successful insurance brokerage in Athens, GA, USA. As an independent agent, Todd worked with individual families to small/mid-sized businesses, brokering Family Heritage Life supplemental products. Over 5 years, Todd was an integral part of the agency that established an initial footprint in the state of Georgia, a state now responsible for approximately $2M NAP.

    Prior to building an insurance brokerage, Todd was part of a financial services start-up Greek Collections (2008-2012) in Atlanta, Georgia. Responsible for Marketing and Sales, Todd grew sales volume by 300% during his first year.

    In order to finance his undergraduate university experience, Todd worked for five summers with the Southwestern Company ( selling educational books and software door-to-door. Proclaimed as “the most challenging summer internship in America” Todd increased sales every summer and won every sales award offered by the company. He relocated each summer, building a sales territory in Athens, Ohio; Yankton, South Dakota; Three Rivers, Michigan; El Reno, Oklahoma.

    Todd has spent extensive time abroad as a student in Valencia, Spain, intern in Lima, Peru, English auxiliar in Linares, Spain, and has traveled to over 25 countries.

    Todd also speaks Spanish.

  • Paul Kesserwani

    Paul Kesserwani

    Head of Data and Sales Operations

    Paul is a sales operations and data guru. Startup guy with a technical background and experience doing every job in the sales funnel from lead generation through customer retention and upsell.

    After joining Twitter via acquisition in early 2012, I have spent the last few years leveraging my technical background and sales know-how to help Twitter scale its Sales and Operations teams globally by introducing a more data driven and strategic approach to the way we sell; and have built a very talented team around that philosophy.

    I am passionate about the idea of “selling smarter, not harder” and using the power of data to do so. Given my experience in this arena, I am also a startup advisor and consultant working with companies to start, and scale, their sales teams strategically and helping them avoid very costly mistakes.

  • Heather Morgan

    Heather Morgan

    Writer, Economist & Entrepreneur, CEO at SalesFolk

    Heather takes the road less traveled; when that road doesn’t exist, she forges her own path. From Hong Kong to Cairo, and back to Silicon Valley, she enjoys diving into new challenges.

    Heather helps B2B tech companies improve their messaging to sell at a higher velocity, writing cold email templates that get more qualified leads from their prospect lists. She transforms email templates with 4% response rates into those that get 18%, getting her clients dozens (or even hundreds) more customers.

    Visit Heather’s blog at

    Having resided in 7 countries, she can create persuasive messaging for Asia & the Middle East. Heather is multilingual and speaks 6 languages, including business level Japanese.

    While Heather has the analytical acumen of an economist, her superpower is understanding how to engage audiences and build relationships. An experienced blogger, copywriter, and published author, Heather’s copywriting WOWs and drives traffic.

  • John Thomas

    John E. Thomas

    Head of Business and Life Coaching

    As a Master Coach/Consultant, I work with Individuals, Organizations, and Business Leaders throughout North America helping them to get what they want in Life and/or Business. We do this through a myriad of program and services:

    Life and Business Performance Coaching
    Organizational Management & Business Consulting

    For Profit & Nonprofit Grantwriting and Development Specialist
    Entrepeneurial and Business Training & Development
    Real Estate Investing and Property Management
    Professional Financial Services

    Specialties: Performance Coaching, For Profit & Nonprofit Business Development/Design, Vision Design and Creation, Project Implementation, Branding and Identity, and Promotional Marketing

    If you want to know more visit our website at and send us a message.