This morning I interviewed James Pember, CEO of Sparta Sales about what motivates sales people (no, it’s not just money) and his SaaS platform for sales competitions. Gone are the days of running sales competitions sloppily on a white board or excel spreadsheet with no clarity on what is actually impacting performance. This interview isn’t just about Sparta though; we actually spent most of the time talking about sales motivation, getting past adversity in a startup, behaviors of top sales reps, best practices of top sales organizations, and more.

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Trish Bertuzzi and Jorge Soto


Trish Bertuzzi and Jorge Soto






Learn how to make your sales team more scrappy and effective at any stage:

Pardot went from trying to sell an unknown product by educating a virgin market about marketing automation software to continuing to sell like a scrappy-startup inside

In this interview, I talk with Pardot’s VP of Sales Derek Grant and #1 Evangelist Matthew Sweezey about Pardot’s journey.

You’ll learn:

  • How Pardot went from trying to educate prospect about a product no one ever heard about
  • Why competition can actually help your sales and marketing costs
  • Where the future of marketing automation software is heading
  • Why startups should have their sales people be “deer hunters” instead of hunting elephants
  • What Pardot’s sales cycle looks like today
  • Demand Gen Expert Matt Sweezey’s top tips for content strategy and sales education
  • How to maximize LTV

…and more! Listen to the interview to hear the rest:

(It’s a little long, but definitely worth the listen!)