Interviewee: Justin Mares, Co-Author at @TractionBook, @jwmares

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Founder at @Sales4_StartUps, @sotoventures


Jorge: How did you meet your co-author Gabriel and what inspired you to write Traction Book?

Justin: I met him through a cold email. Shortly before I graduated college I was listening to an interview he had with Andrew Warner of Mixergy where he talked about this book he’d been trying to work on, Traction, but didn’t have time for because DuckDuckGo (his startup) was taking off.

I wrote him a cold email [note - happy to provide the text of that email if interesting] and pitched him on working together to finish the book project. After a few scoping calls and thoughts, he was game for it. And now, almost 2 years later, we’re launching Traction!

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Interviewee: Jeff Kirchick, VP of Sales at NYC-based NextCaller@nextcaller

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps, @sotoventures



Jorge: What was the inspiration for building NextCaller and how did the founding team meet?

Jeff: The inspiration for starting Next Caller was actually over a bad customer service experience. Our co-Founder, Ian Roncoroni, lost a rental car reservation due to confusion over the spelling of his name. He called to make a change to his reservation, but the agent(s) on the other end of the line just could not find him in their system because his name was so confusing. So he thought to himself — “why isn’t this process automated?” Thus, Next Caller was built.

Ian was friends with Gianni Martire and Sam Espinosa from the city. Gianni had a ten year technology background with a couple successful exits, and Sam was a founding member of Stickk. Ian and I both wrestled at Princeton, so that’s how we got connected.

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Interviewee: Gordon Wintrob, Co-founder at StackLead, Y-Combinator alumni, MIT Grad.

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps, @sotoventures


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Jorge: What is StackLead and what does it focus on solving?

Gordon: StackLead automatically researches sales leads. Given a lead’s email address, we crawl the web and pull together a complete customer profile that includes information on the person, their business, and web domain.

The sales teams we work with contact 30% more leads everyday because they don’t manually research each one or waste time chasing down low-priority leads. This is particularly crucial for SaaS businesses, where a low-friction on-boarding process is key to letting customers get started. We automatically qualify and prioritize leads so that sales reps can focus on the most important ones.

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