Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Bill Lapp, VP of Sales Engineering & Enablement at GoodData. He shared his insights on sales engineering, best habits of top sales reps, using data to improve sales, and more. Watch the whole interview here (32 min) or skip right to a particular question (listed on this page below the video).



Interviewee: Wynne Brown, Director of SMB Sales at BaseCRM, @WynneBrown

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps, @sotoventures


Jorge: What is it that inspired you to get into sales and what was your first sales job?

Wynne: In 2000, I was managing websites and operations at an early stage startup. This was back in the day when knowing html meant you had tech skills and WYSIWYG was cutting edge. The .com bubble burst and I needed to evaluate how to have a more recession-proof career. For years, various trusted friends and colleagues had said I seemed like I would succeed in sales so it was the time to try.

I wanted my first sales job to really isolate the sales aspect – was I good at it? did I enjoy it? – so I had to find a good testing ground with a product for which I had deep passion. I found a sales job selling reading programs for elementary school children that were endorsed by their own school district. Couldn’t get a better feel-good, “approved vendor” sales situation! I ended up killing it by focusing on matching the child’s need to the results the program could provide and knew that sales was for me.

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Interviewee: Justin Mares, Co-Author at @TractionBook, @jwmares

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Founder at @Sales4_StartUps, @sotoventures


Jorge: How did you meet your co-author Gabriel and what inspired you to write Traction Book?

Justin: I met him through a cold email. Shortly before I graduated college I was listening to an interview he had with Andrew Warner of Mixergy where he talked about this book he’d been trying to work on, Traction, but didn’t have time for because DuckDuckGo (his startup) was taking off.

I wrote him a cold email [note - happy to provide the text of that email if interesting] and pitched him on working together to finish the book project. After a few scoping calls and thoughts, he was game for it. And now, almost 2 years later, we’re launching Traction!

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