Nancy Nardin
Nancy Nardin is the President of Smart Selling Tools. Named one of the top 25 sales bloggers in the world by HubSpot and recently recognized in Forbes as a Top 30 Social Sales Influencer, she’s considered a top expert on tools that increase sales productivity and revenue.
Her site ( has won numerous awards for educating sales and marketers about tools and ranks among the Top 50 most retweeted by B2B Marketers. Nancy produces a free weekly newsletter that’s read by more than 30,000 sales and marketing professionals.  She is also the co-founder of Hushly.
In my interview with Nancy, she discusses valuable sales lessons such as:
  • What she learned from being in B2B tech sales for more than 25 years from the days of selling the first laptops with Grid
  • How to deal with increasingly complex sales cycles with more decision makers weighing in before every sale
  • How to perform a sales energy audit on your business like UPS did with “left turns,” saving them 9 million gallons of fuel a year
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  • As many talks as you can fit into one evening on how to sell, as a startup, from startups that have proven sales numbers in the $1M-70M range including Cloudflare, Docusign, and Cirrus Insight.
  • A channel sales focus so you don’t have to go out and buy expensive (and out-of-date) channel sales books
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Parker Conrad is the CEO of Zenefits, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies ever. Zenefits helps companies manage all the messy parts of hiring and retaining employees like payroll, HR, and benefits. In my interview with Parker, he covers B2B sales topics including:

  • How and why he hired the first 3 sales reps at Zenefits
  • What it’s like scaling a company from 15 to more than 100 employees so quickly and how to manage that velocity of growth
  • Why Zenefits’ sales & marketing works so closely together and how to make that happen at your company

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Jorge: What is Sales Development and what kind of companies should leverage its power?

Collin: Sales development is the internet’s equivalent of cold calling. You determine which companies would make good future customers, reach out to them over email (sometimes phone), and generate initial conversations with potential buyers.

The economics of the process work out best for companies selling products worth more than $10k annual contract value (ACV).

David Skok has a great article on Sales Complexity (link: that dives deeper on the subject.


Jorge: What’s your professional background and how did you get into sales development?

Collin: ​I’m a sales guy by trade. I used to help companies that needed temporary power (think Mines, Hydroelectric Dams, & Remote Camps). Before that, I built a multi-residential kitchen sales division within a furniture manufacturer. We’d sell 200-500 kitchens at a time to high-rises, hotels, and resorts.

We got into sales development when building our sales team for our first (now pivoted) company. We read Aaron Ross’ book, “Predictable Revenue” and generated huge initial results with it. I started by running it myself and eventually passed the torch on to an intern. I noticed there were some huge labor-inefficiencies in the process so we built some internal tools (hacks… mostly scripts that barely ran) to help speed up the process.

When we didn’t hit the growth targets I had set for our big launch, we decided to re-think our long-term direction. One of the conversations my partners and I had was, “We generated a huge pipeline for ourselves; would other companies pay us to do that for them?”.

We ran a pilot last year and discovered that this was a big pain for most companies and they’re happy to pay us to solve it for them.

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Tim Schwab is the CEO of SalesBeach, a company that helps sales teams automate their drip email campaigns and A/B test them to improve the effectiveness of outbound campaigns to get better engagement from prospects.  In my interview with Tim, he discusses:

  • How he got fired from his first sales job
  • The difference between hiring engineering talent & sales/marketing talent
  • What founders without sales experience struggle with
  • Tim’s own experience at 500 startups
  • The secret to mastering an “introverted hustle” to unlock the power of outbound email
  • How to overcome the pain of rejection in sales

And More…! Listen to the interview below to hear the rest: